elhi Photo Company Presents

An Exhibition Of Photographs by Delhi Photo Company Focusing On Windows Of Goa Which Are Admired For Both Function and Decoration.

06 June – 03 July, 2019

The signification of windows is to allow the passage of light, air, sound & much more…

They are an important facet of the Goan Architecture that been artistically explored. The upper-class Goan homes have window screens made of nacre – The mother of pear shell.

However, Nace was preferred over glass as it allowed a subdued light to penetrate through into the rooms, while ensuring privacy.

This gave windows of the Goan homes a warm translucent look from the outside while filtering the harsh glare of the light on the inside.

DPC Gallery at Punjab Grill, 78 Janpath, New Delhi 11001

Windows Of Goa: by Delhi Photo Company Focusing On Windows Of Goa Which Are Admired For Both Function and Decoration
Human Nature Exhibition by Juhi Saklani

HUMAN / NATURE (05 May – 02 June, 2019)

Exhibition of Photographs by Juhi Saklani. Focusing on the loss of Delhi’s trees for ‘redevelopment’.

Juhi Saklani, from New Delhi, is a freelance writer and has published articles in The Hindu, Scroll, The Wire and, and authored a number of books. Previously she worked as an editor and writer with Outlook Traveller for nearly a decade. Her passion for photography started with taking photographs to support her articles at Outlook Traveller. Her photographs have also exhibited as a part of The Garden Underground at Jor Bagh Metro Station.

Juhi’s project, as a Habitat Photosphere fellow, is on The inseparableness of ‘nature’ and ‘human’. Her photographs will be of beautiful, sculptural trees and roots that grow out of old walls and buildings, out of other trees, or unexpected spaces. The idea is to emphasize the synergy and interconnected-ness of life.