stablished in 1937. Was first photo studio located on Janpath in New Delhi.

Delhi Photo Company was established in 1937 by Shri Bhagwati Prasad. It was the first photo studio located on Janpath in New Delhi. A specialization in studio portraits generated widespread interest and soon received accolades and patronage from an array of eminent clients including many Royal figures and British Officers. In 1938 Delhi Photo Company opened it’s second branch in Mussoorie. After India’s Independence, Delhi Photo Company was appointed the Official Portrait Photographers for the Presidents of India. Until the late 1980’s Delhi Photo Company was responsible for taking portraits of all the Ministers for the Government of India.

Throughout the history of Delhi Photo Company it has always explored innovation in the area of photography adapting to the various changes in time and with new available technology. Before the advent of colour photography, a key partner in the Company, Mr Vijay Shanker, travelled to Germany and took up residence between 1956 – 1959, to undertake a training program to understand colour photography and new photographic techniques. He brought back with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In the late 1990’s another era of photography was unfolding which was to revolutionize the technique and processing of photographs. The birth of digital photography had arrived and Delhi Photo Company took the lead becoming one of the first company to set up a digital studio with mini laboratory.

Continuing the legacy, grandson Ajay Shanker with his passion to revive the art of photographic portraits inspired by Film Noir, put portraiture back in demand. Immersing his heart and soul into the black & white portraits that he shoots, taking you back in time and giving you images which are iconic in nature.