We at Studio DPC understand the importance of time, we know some people can’t take out time to come to the studio.

Studio DPC has moved with the times and we no longer are strictly studio based, we travel across the globe taking the studio to the clients.

We know setting up lighting for a portrait is like theatre production and we are happy to let our clients be part in the production and create their stories in comfort of their homes, offices or any other place of their liking.

We at Studio DPC want the feeling of 1930’s in our portraits, the client should feel like stars on movie set.



Step into photographer shoes and learn the amazing Film Noir lighting technique we at Studio DPC use.

Learn with us as we show you how to shoot Film Noir inspired images. We will run through everything involved from camera settings, lighting placement to working with multiple lights to create depth and drama to your images.

The Film Noir Workshop will cover a vast range of information. The goal is to ensure that each attendee has a strong understanding of basic lighting patterns before continuing on to the task of creating images. We will be working with modern versions of traditional continuous lighting and modifiers that were true to the era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. After working with modifiers like fresnels, snoots, grids and barn doors, you will quickly learn on seeing lighting patterns.

Join us to learn the art of Film Noir photography

Workshop Includes

  • Lunch and refreshments


This is a 2 day workshop on black and white processing and printing.

    We will teach you about film cameras show you how to load/unload films, how to use the manual controls like ISO, aperture and shutter speed to control your camera and get the shots you’re after. We provide each participant with a beautiful vintage camera for the duration of the workshop, but if you have your own film camera you are free to get it.
    Photography Tour
    After an introduction to how your camera works, we’ll go on a photography tour to old Delhi where we will take photos in the by lanes, the spice market and the wedding street.
    Film Developing
    When we’re done shooting, we’ll come back to the studio and teach you how develop your own film. As with all aspects of black and white photography, we will show you the tips and tricks for maximizing ‘the feel’ you want to create with every new roll you shoot.
    With the film you processed the previous day we will teach you printing photos from them.Printing your own images will give you more creative control, and as with all aspects of black and white photography, we will show you the tips and tricks for maximising ‘the feel’ you want to create with your particular photo.

Workshop Includes:

  • 1 black and white film
  • 1 packet black and white paper
  • 1 litre black and white chemicals for developing film
  • 1 litre black and white chemicals for printing photos
  • Transportation to and back from old Delhi
  • Lunch on day 1 in old Delhi, at Studio on day 2
  • Water, tea and cold drinks on both days


The photo studio in villages and small town in India are so colorful its like a fantasy land which takes a sitter away from daily grinds and into a dream world.

Studio DPC can create a village or a small town studio at our studio space.

Hand painted backgrounds, colorful props, make up artist, hair stylist, Indian traditional clothes and jewellery, if you are little more adventurous we can organize a real character from the village e.g. snake charmer, band master etc to pose with you.